Enabling the Serial Console on an RK3188 (Tronsmart MK908 v5.0)

Rockchip devices are a great platform for development: small, cheap and very hackable.  In particular, here at cozybit, we bought some Tronsmart MK908 (RK3188) to do some Android hacking. It wasn’t long before we realized serial console was a feature we wanted, so basing on omegamoon’s work, this is what we did to gain access:

  • Disassemble the plastic case to extract the board. Don’t worry, it’s simple to do without breaking anything.
  • Take a look at the MK908 board and identify its version number. This recipe only works for v5.0. Other versions have different layouts (click here for v1.0 boards).
  • Get a FTDI Basic Breakout for 3.3V (or similar) and a 5 pin breakaway male header.
  • Solder the breakaway male header to the board matching the FTDI Basic Breakout pins with the next soldering points:


  • The coppered square on top of the mentioned points is also a GND point. So, to make soldering easier, you can always solder the GND pin to it.


  • Now connect it to your machine, start minicom (or the tool of your choice) and configure it with the next parameters: 115200 – 8N1 – NOR.
  • Finally, secure your mod: make a small hole in the case, glue the breakaway male header and close it.



  • One last note: if you are already using a custom kernel, make sure that all the FIQ options are enabled in your config file and that “ttyFIQ0” is the selected console.

Enjoy your MK908 v5 mod and happy hacking!!

MeshKit: Rapid Development of Mesh Enabled Products

MeshKit is a vertical solution provided by cozybit allowing agile and rapid development of mesh products based on the Linux platform. The architecture of meshkit is 100% modular which lets developers select the parts they need to build amazing products.

Screenshot from 2014-01-10 16:03:37

Some of MeshKit key features are:

  • Proximity authentication
  • Security
  • Address assignment
  • Connection management
  • Service discovery
  • Media streaming (1-to-N)
  • File sharing (1-to-N)
  • Basic topology mapping tools

Our Meshable™ technology accelerates the development of networked and distributed applications for different Linux platforms, from desktop environments to embedded systems like smartphones, tablets or wearable devices. MeshKit is the result of many years working with wireless and distributed technologies from the bottom up.


Following are some example applications of what’s possible when using our meshkit solution: 

Multicast Video Streaming


Proximity Authentication



MeshBrick is a local multiplayer variant of the game Breakout. The goal of the game is to protect your brick walls and destroy your opponents’ walls by attacking the walls through the space gates. The last player with bricks left on their wall is the winner! Are you the strongest?

MeshBrick is a solid proof-of-concept of a fully-distributed local multiplayer game. cozybit plans to revolutionize the local multiplayer gaming experience in Android with our Meshable™ technology. If you are a game developer that wants to power up your game with local multiplayer, please contact us!