AllShare Groupcast


AllShare Groupcast is a major innovation in the Galaxy S3 smartphones.  The application lets you play games with those around you in real time.  It also provides the ability to share the contents of your phone.  With our expertise in the area of self-healing networks, cozybit developed a fully-decentralized service discovery and connection management protocol stack for Samsung.  The library was eventually repackaged, and was released publicly as the Samsung Chord library.  The library gives developers an easy and reliable way to share content and user events, between devices, in real-time.

Library features include:

  • Fast discovery and automatic connection with nearby devices.
  • Real-time 1-N communication between networked devices.
  • True, fully-decentralized peer-to-peer connection.
  • Entry and departure of devices without having a single point of failure.

The library and application come pre-installed in all of the new Samsung flagship devices, including the latests Galaxy S4 and Galaxy Note tablets.