Our Work

cozybit is always working on innovative projects involving networking and wireless technologies . Listed below are a few projects that highlight our work.

Meshkit: Rapid Development of Mesh Enabled Products
A vertical solution for agile and rapid development of mesh projects on multiple platforms.

The wireless mesh protocol (802.11s) in the Linux kernel, originally authored and currently maintained by cozybit.

AllShare Groupcast
Built specifically for the Samsung Galaxy S3 smartphones, AllShare Groupcast lets you share movies,  games and other experiences with nearby devices.

cozybit’s version of the video game “Breakout”, recast as a multiplayer game interacting with nearby devices.

Bluetooth LE Stack Customization
A modification of Broadcom’s open-source stack  (bluedroid) for  Bluetooth LE, enabling BTLE peripheral mode.

High-Throughput and Congestion Avoidance for 802.11s
An advanced congestion avoidance algorithm (MCCA) for mesh to reach high throughput in dense environments.

High-Throughput and Congestion Avoidance for 802.11s


Cozybit pioneered 802.11n support for mesh networks. Our contribution to the Linux kernel quadrupled the available data rates for all mesh users, with mesh speeds up to 600 mbit/s.  As part of our quest to show that mesh is the high-speed, distributed network of the future, we implemented an advanced congestion avoidance algorithm (MCCA) which allows a mesh to efficiently schedule air time to reach high throughput in a mesh with many nodes, and (potentially) many hops.


Bluetooth LE Stack Customization

With the introduction of Android 4.2, updates to the system replaced the in-kernel Bluetooth stack (BlueZ) with Broadcom’s new implementation developed in userspace.  To push the boundaries of this new implementation, cozybit modified the open source stack to include a custom profile, test its operability with BlueZ and iOS Bluetooth, and to identify its performance bottlenecks.

cozybit works with many different wireless technologies such as Bluetooth, Bluetooth LE, NFC, and WiFi just name a few.  We work with these technologies at all layers of the stack to provide complete vertical solutions.  cozybit recognizes that Bluetooth LE is a wireless standard that it coming into its prime, and we’re ready to develop new and exciting products using this technology.

Bluetooth Stack Diagram


MeshKit: Rapid Development of Mesh Enabled Products

MeshKit is a vertical solution provided by cozybit allowing agile and rapid development of mesh products based on the Linux platform. The architecture of meshkit is 100% modular which lets developers select the parts they need to build amazing products.

Screenshot from 2014-01-10 16:03:37

Some of MeshKit key features are:

  • Proximity authentication
  • Security
  • Address assignment
  • Connection management
  • Service discovery
  • Media streaming (1-to-N)
  • File sharing (1-to-N)
  • Basic topology mapping tools

Our Meshable™ technology accelerates the development of networked and distributed applications for different Linux platforms, from desktop environments to embedded systems like smartphones, tablets or wearable devices. MeshKit is the result of many years working with wireless and distributed technologies from the bottom up.


Following are some example applications of what’s possible when using our meshkit solution: 

Multicast Video Streaming


Proximity Authentication


AllShare Groupcast


AllShare Groupcast is a major innovation in the Galaxy S3 smartphones.  The application lets you play games with those around you in real time.  It also provides the ability to share the contents of your phone.  With our expertise in the area of self-healing networks, cozybit developed a fully-decentralized service discovery and connection management protocol stack for Samsung.  The library was eventually repackaged, and was released publicly as the Samsung Chord library.  The library gives developers an easy and reliable way to share content and user events, between devices, in real-time.

Library features include:

  • Fast discovery and automatic connection with nearby devices.
  • Real-time 1-N communication between networked devices.
  • True, fully-decentralized peer-to-peer connection.
  • Entry and departure of devices without having a single point of failure.

The library and application come pre-installed in all of the new Samsung flagship devices, including the latests Galaxy S4 and Galaxy Note tablets.



MeshBrick is a local multiplayer variant of the game Breakout. The goal of the game is to protect your brick walls and destroy your opponents’ walls by attacking the walls through the space gates. The last player with bricks left on their wall is the winner! Are you the strongest?

MeshBrick is a solid proof-of-concept of a fully-distributed local multiplayer game. cozybit plans to revolutionize the local multiplayer gaming experience in Android with our Meshable™ technology. If you are a game developer that wants to power up your game with local multiplayer, please contact us!




cozybit is the original author and manager of open80211s, the wireless mesh protocol (802.11s) in the Linux kernel, which is used globally for applications such as robust video streaming, tactical communications and gaming.

open80211s is an open-source implementation of the recently ratified IEEE 802.11s wireless mesh standard, enabling anyone to build standards-based mesh networks using commodity hardware supported by the Linux kernel.


  • Create the first open implementation of 802.11s.
  • Let the world use it, understand it, and contribute to it.
  • Consolidate the numerous non-interoperable mesh protocols into one that is based on a standard specification.