Over 9 Years Building Proximity Networks

cozybit is an engineering firm specializing in proximity networking–wireless interactions with nearby devices. We provide engineering services to top clients (to keep us sharp and pay the bills), while developing our own technology and tools (to increase our efficiency and seed our growth). Started in 2005, we are based in the Financial District of San Francisco.


Key Milestones in Proximity Networking

September 2005

IEEE began an effort to design a mesh protocol for regular WiFi radios (802.11s). cozybit was part of the group that standardized mesh from the very beginning, while implementing 802.11s concurrently with the standard’s development. cozybit was later awarded a Certificate of Appreciation by the IEEE 802.11 Task Groups Chair for its outstanding contributions to 802.11s.



September 2007

cozybit produced the first implementation of 802.11s that was used commercially in the One Laptop Per Child project, developed by the MIT Media Lab. One Laptop Per Child is the first-ever laptop that creates wireless networks without relying on an infrastructure. With the 802.11s architecture shipped in over 2.5 million laptops, cozybit’s development resulted in two key patents for Marvell Mesh Technology: Mesh Power Conservation and Mesh Architecture.



April 2008

cozybit was invited by the MIT Media Lab to the annual Sponsor’s meeting where the first public demo of 802.11s running on mobile phones was presented.


November 2008

Sponsored by Google and Marvell, cozybit developed an open implementation of 802.11s called o11s. o11s has been donated to the open source community and continues to be part of the Linux kernel today. cozybit still actively maintains the code and supports users through our mailing list on open80211s.org.


November 2012

AllShare Groupcast is a major innovation in the Galaxy S3 smartphones. The application lets you play games with those around you in real time as well as share contents of your phone. With an expertise in the area of self-healing networks, cozybit developed a fully-decentralized service discovery and connection management protocol stack for Samsung, allowing their networked devices to connect and disconnect without producing a single point of failure. This library is also pre-installed in the Galaxy S4 and Galaxy Note tablets.