How We Work

cozybit works at all levels, from low level devices, to high level apps. Working at all levels allows us to deliver unique and compelling P2P experiences.

At the app level, cozybit created face2name, meshradio, meshmedia, VoipMesh and other seed apps. These apps fully exercise the unique capabilities of mesh.

At Middleware layer, cozybit authored the first implementation of Chord. Chord is the decentralized communications middleware that ships on the GS3, GS4 and Note2.

cozybit was the first company to create a commercial release of 802.11s, IEEE’s standard for WiFi Mesh. This implementation spanned the Platform, Kernel and Chip layers.

cozybit can innovate at all layers of mobile device software because we are a strong and coordinated cross-layer engineering team:

We believe developing first class services to clients is not only about writing code. The software we develop is supported by hard work in Testing & Tools, Intellectual Property and Research also done by the cozybit team.

cozybit works with clients on a Time and Materials basis, where we charge by engineering week, or by projects invoiced on Fixed Price Per Milestone basis.

If you want to learn more about how we work we can send you our Statement of Qualifications.