Our Vision

Proximity Networking: the next Big Thing in Being Always Connected.

Mobile devices were originally designed to connect over long distances through a vast infrastructure. This is cumbersome and inefficient in short range, and even more so when devices interact with other types of nearby devices.

Vision - Vast Infastructure

Vast Infrastructure

Wifi Cell Network

People spend most of their time in premises (homes, offices, malls, etc.) that are becoming overcrowded with electronic devices within its proximity. In a typical home, there may easily be more than 50 different kinds of consumer electronic devices. The ability to connect all of those devices with each other is already creating new market opportunities. cozybit, leading tech companies, as well as innovative tech start-ups, are currently working to develop new and more compelling solutions.

Home WiFi device proliferation

Home WiFi device proliferation

cozybit’s unique solutions use Proximity Networking. Incorporating Proximity Networking has many benefits:

  1. Increase in device value
  2. Promotes cross selling of products and services
  3. Facilitation of P2P content and service distribution
Value creation

Value creation

The essential characteristic of Proximity Networking is Seamless Connectivity between diverse devices.  Seamless Connectivity focuses on having a simple setup and configuration as well as the ability to be fully mobile, and to be able to drop-in or out of a network without disrupting connectivity.

Realizing the Proximity Networking technique is challenging since it requires addressing the following three problems simultaneously:

  1. Diversity of devices — support compatibility of different types of devices.
  2. Diversity of wireless technologies — connection through different wireless technologies.
  3. Diversity of connectivity requirements — addressing different end-user needs.

cozybit’s Proximity Networking technique addresses all three problems.

Intersection of diversities

Intersection of diversities

One of the technologies cozybit uses to implement Proximity Networking is 802.11s (WiFi Mesh).  Mesh provides most of the features expected in a proximity network while coexisting with other wireless technologies.

Key Features of Mesh

Key Features of Mesh

cozybit has repeatedly proven through its work with leading technology companies that we have the expertise and drive to push Proximity Networking forward into the mainstream.  We are always willing, and looking, to partner with top innovators that share our vision.  If you want to learn more about us, please contact us.