Our Work

cozybit is always working on innovative projects involving networking and wireless technologies . Listed below are a few projects that highlight our work.

Meshkit: Rapid Development of Mesh Enabled Products
A vertical solution for agile and rapid development of mesh projects on multiple platforms.

The wireless mesh protocol (802.11s) in the Linux kernel, originally authored and currently maintained by cozybit.

AllShare Groupcast
Built specifically for the Samsung Galaxy S3 smartphones, AllShare Groupcast lets you share movies,  games and other experiences with nearby devices.

cozybit’s version of the video game “Breakout”, recast as a multiplayer game interacting with nearby devices.

Bluetooth LE Stack Customization
A modification of Broadcom’s open-source stack  (bluedroid) for  Bluetooth LE, enabling BTLE peripheral mode.

High-Throughput and Congestion Avoidance for 802.11s
An advanced congestion avoidance algorithm (MCCA) for mesh to reach high throughput in dense environments.