Jason Mobarak

Jason Mobarak started out writing Power C programs on a Compaq 486 to calculate pi (π) with his father at the age of 12.  His teens included copious tinkering with Red Hat 6.  Years later, he graduated with a degree in Computer Science from the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque.  Now with over 10 years of software development and sysadmin experience, Jason can be considered a “seasoned veteran” of the computing industry.

College included several years moonlighting as a budding BOFH managing department workstations and servers running Linux, BSD, and Solaris.  Never quite drinking the BOFH kool aid, Jason spent much of his time making user’s lives easier and writing Python code to maintain the systems.

In software engineering land, Jason cut his teeth writing SSH servers in an extreme programming shop that practiced pair programming and test driven development with short development cycles and tight feedback loops.  Monitoring these practices was a constant drive to measure and adjust the system in order to maximize customer satisfaction.  Jason is pretty gung-ho about test-first design, users stories, and stand-up meetings.

Moving through the software landscape, Jason transitioned to a start-up innovating in the oil & gas industry. Following an acquisition, Jason battled big corporate inefficiency, working through problems in staffing, policy, and process to deliver new releases of software.  While delivering new releases, Jason also worked to bring agile planning and test automated to a largely waterfall driven development team.

Tired of the corporate grind, Jason moved — with his wife, two daughters, two dogs, and two cats — to the (relative) technological utopia that is the Bay Area, where he enjoys tinkering with new hardware, writing wicked shell scripts, and bending the Android OS to do his mesh-enabled bidding.

Jason is “Haskell curious”, a lifelong Python fan, and a Java / C# / C/C++ programmer by necessity.