KNUTH_ValuesOur values keep us on track in our mission to provide the best service possible to our clients.  Without fail, we remember the wisdom of KNUTH:


We keep honing our edge.

What this means:  We learn.  We are curious about our clients and the world in general.  We explore.  We are transparent in our work and our methods.  We share knowledge.  We teach.

No Excuses

We deliver.  Period.

What this means: We confront and attack our obstacles to get things done.  We solve our own problems, and we solve our clients’ problems too.


We take risks.

What this means: We approach each problem from every angle.  We innovate to discover new solutions or techniques.  With solutions of equal merit, we choose the most unique solution.

Team Focus

We ALWAYS help each other.

What this means: We are committed to our people.  We support their individuality and we invest in their talent.  We provide and accept constructive criticism face to face.  We are a team.

Human Beings

We respect each other.

What this means: Humans are more important than technology, money, and code-editor choices.  We treat each other better than how we would like to be treated.  We are not resources; we are people.  People power!